The Wednesday Rant.

February 22, 2017 | Posted in:General

For the past twenty years I have spent more time “on the air” than “in the air” as it were. From the first moment I turned on the microphone at WDBC Radio in Escanba in 1997, to the upper echelons of Oprah Radio, WGN, CBS, SiriusXM and a couple other stops, I have never once had any reservation about speaking what as on my mind, live and in real time about any issue, subject, concern or topic.

Nor have I once backed down from a discussion with callers, looking for that coveted piece of property known as “common ground.” Conversion comes from conversation, not confrontation. The great challenge in life is that most of us don’t want to give up our “stuff” because that “stuff” is who we think we are, and to change our mind is akin to total surrender and who wants to do that?

So after twenty years and thousands of shows, conversations, discussions, bloviating, pontificating, ruminating and contemplating I always come to the same conclusion, no matter how many angles I look at the human condition.

Everyone thinks they are “right.”

The reason we cannot get out of our own way, is because we don’t even know we are in the way…because we “know” there simply cannot be another way.

“It’s my way…or the highway…”

Unhooking from the hard wiring that dictates our beliefs only happens when the system finally collapses on itself and shows up in a myriad of ways, illness, heart attacks, stress, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, divorce…you know… the hemorrhoids of life (by the way I have always felt they should be called ass-teroids which would be more appropriate) and even then…sometimes we don’t “get it.”

As I watch the flamethrowers set on full “incinerate” mode in the landfill of Facebook, torching each other as we insist on who is more “right” I am always reminded that as Billy Joel chirped, “we didn’t start the fire…” but that being said, it seems we are bent on making sure the flames continue. When a building is engulfed, firefighters don’t take out a flame thrower, they use water to snuff it out.

But not us…oh no. “Burn baby burn…”

For what?

To be right…so we can satisfy that ego part of us that needs to be right, that validating stamp of “righteousness”…that learned behavior we picked up along way making sure that as we swim in a world of 7 billion other people, we alone have the market cornered on…

“What’s right.”

For most of us, we have been taught to see the world in a “this OR that” landscape, where we divide our short life spans into political or religious categories, looking to fit our stuff in with other people who are like us. We gather with our chosen tribes, back slapping and lap sitting our way into a sort of human yak herd, asses facing inward and horns outward as to ward off any attempt at breaking the circle thus destabilizing the righteous tundra we paw at constantly to reassure ourselves that the ground beneath our feet is familiar and secure.

However, sometimes those “wake up calls” shakes the herd and some brazen human yak decides to see the world in a “this AND that” way, thus totally changing their wiring diagram and catapulting them into unfamiliar territory (the very image of a yak being launched on a catapult is already worth the time writing this) and their life slowly changes, even if the the wake up call is abrupt and loud.

The need to be right…lessens…the urge to be happy…increases.

Human evolution is slow.

It’s frustrating, gyrating and incredible all at once. That fact we have made it this far as a species is nothing short of a miracle to me, as we have tried every way you can think of to eradicate each other since two upright beings argued about the “right way” to dispatch a Woolly Mammoth or some other large mammal of the Pleistocene Epoch.

But here we are.

It’s been said that “when you argue for your limitations you get to keep them.” Unfortunately…those limitations also keep you…”right” where you “think” you belong.

“Tug of War” can only work if both sides of the rope are being pulled.


Be well.



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  1. dan creely
    February 24, 2017

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    conversation not confrontation……excellent words.

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