The Wednesday Rant.

March 8, 2017 | Posted in General

First, thanks for all the comments, texts and messages about my “tribute” to “The Cat Man” my friend Steve Catallo whom we said good-bye to last week. It’s still hard to imagine, the adjustment takes time which unfortunately is not something we have a lot of.

This week my tone and tenor is far different, because of the aforementioned “time” thing. I don’t want to have something in my mind and let it sit there for too long, because it begins to fester (not Uncle Fester) but the download process is always aggravated by ongoing jolts of misinformation, bloviation and human verbal vomiting that must be addressed from some vantage point that attempts to make sense of the senseless, otherwise cranial constipation takes over and next thing you know “shit for brains” isn’t just something your first boss called you, it becomes a real thing.

Can’t have that.

So most if not all of my angst comes from one of the great all time lessons in life.

Expectation and Reality rarely line up, the gap between those two extremes is where suffering resides.

The closer I cling to my expectations, the more self-imposed suffering I must endure. To be clear, most of what we experience is FWS (First World Suffering.) You don’t like Obama, or Trump or any fill in the blank politician, your team loses for 100 years or more, didn’t get the parking spot you wanted or the promotion you “expected” to get goes to some wanker in the next office. To my knowledge none of the people who read this weekly tirade go without food, water or clean underwear. They don’t hold a child dying of malnutrition in their arms or walk six miles one way with a clay pot on their head to get water for the day. FWS is a privilege we have by simply being dropped off on American soil instead of Rwanda, Darfur or another “Third World Country.”

There is of course other real FWS…as children die in the streets of Chicago killed by other children. The cycle of violence in this city and others is a stain on our landscape. When I ponder which is worse, the 275 pound grandmother that strangled her eight year old, 40 pound straight-A granddaughter to death OR the five year old who had to have a closed casket because he was unrecognizable to his mother, my “suffering” doesn’t measure up.

Then there is “reality” which is often painful and confusing, but its not suffering…its just…the pain of dealing with the reality of life.

But there is power in pain, a transformation of energy that if channeled can cause a great ripple effect of good. Some of the great movements of our time began when people who “expected” life to be different got tired of “suffering” and rose up, painful as it might have been, faced “reality” and moved forward, giving permission for others to do the same.

So while I still “expect” others to “get it” and stop acting like a lower life forms, the reality is that evidence to the contrary is always in the headlines.

Poachers break into a zoo in France, kill a rhino and cut off it’s horn because some limp dick in Asia thinks it will give him a raging woody. Apparently they haven’t seen the fetching young thing in the Viagra commercials over there. Wiping out a species for its “horn” which is really just hair, and has the same erectile effect as eating a human fingernail-none-doesn’t matter to a segment of a culture and society that clings to a false belief- repeated so often they think its true.

You know…like a talk radio host who has a show that comes to his listeners from a “private bunker” and churns out all sorts of crap without a scrap of real evidence. Or the yakker who makes upwards of $40 million a year deriding and degrading for over two decades, insisting that he is the all knowing, all seeing center of the universe when it comes to politics and the military, two things he has never had the guts to participate in. Throw in the latest loudmouth from Texas who just got an award from IHeart Media as “The Greatest Talk Radio Host in America” and who’s main theme is making fun of the children gunned down in Chicago in a segment called “Thuglandia.” His fanpage boasts a picture of him with cigar in hand in front of the American flag. He lists Robert E. Lee among his heroes, the great Confederate General- but like so many blowhards, he has decided to not serve our nation but just profit from it.

He makes a living making fun out of children dying.

With 20 years in radio this I know for sure. When it comes to “political talk radio” hosts they talk like they know everything, about everything but in reality…haven’t done much of anything. In this country that is all that matters… apparently.

So as this Wednesday rolled around, with the current president accusing the last president of wiretapping on the say so of a talk radio loudmouth in his “private bunker” and asshats wandering around France killing rhinos so some old guy can try to make his equipment stand at attention, a grandmother killing her granddaughter, the “Head of Hud” rewriting slave history as “immigration” and the seemingly endless see-saw of ideologies, the conclusion for me on this “Hump Day” is simply this.

“Great Expectations” might be a good book title, but its nothing compared to “Reality Bites.”

Just gotta make sure you don’t get bit I guess.

It’s days like today when the words of that renowned and revered life sage Christopher “Straight Talkin” Walken come to mind.

Be well.



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