The Wednesday Rant.

August 2, 2017 | Posted in:General

I’m back.

Six weeks out of the FB and internet landfill, no posting of comments about the current state of the government or grinding of teeth over politics and policy, no meltdown of my central nervous system over whatever the latest “broken news” that got shoved in the pipeline or inflammation of my thalamus (you know the large mass of gray matter in the dorsal part of the diencephalon of the brain with several functions such as relaying of sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex) due to an incessant, repetitive bombardment of life ending messages regarding the “Most Wanted” virtual man in the world, Jayden K. Smith (remember him?) or worrying about burning for eternity if I didn’t click “Like” and type “Amen” on a picture of Jesus who was wearing an American Flag lapel pin on his tunic.

All has been quiet in my brain bucket, the tele-mirrors and syntax’s recharging and regrouping. My grip loosened, my shoulders relaxed, my furrowed brow lay flat..

I could take a deep breath, not in anxiety of the latest political gaffe, blunder or dung pile, but a real genuine deep breath of relaxation.

It was an interesting experiment in disconnection from one of the many ELS (electronic life support) devices we have with their unseen umbilical cords linking millions and millions and millions and millions of humans to the Mother Ship like one of the “Alien” movies.

There was a hesitation at first, but as I spent time on other projects that are far more lucrative than watching “Bat Dad” videos or being asked to sign a petition to end…”Fill In The Blank” my eyes began to clear, my mind was sharper and I was fleet of foot and light of heart.

I whistled now and then.

I didn’t start the day watching a group of people who will never probably meet in person argue over an issue that none of them can solve, launching personal attacks from behind the firewall of their limitations, bent on being “right” no matter what, foaming at the mouth like some Pavlovian experiment gone wrong.

Instead I sat on the back porch, drank my coffee and watched the sun rise. The past six weeks the term “Time Line” took on a whole different meaning than Facebook.

The only “Posts” I saw were on a highway in the vast expanse of South Dakota. My “Likes” were confined to ice cream cones, thunderstorms, blueberry pie, and the forests of western Pennsylvania.

I knew I would return eventually but it was a process for sure.

Slowly I began to ease back into the FB landfill, just a toe here and there, like peeking inside a house you used to live in just to see how the new owners redecorated the place and if it was the same.

It was just as I left it.

It is what it is.

It is what it was designed to be.

A platform for connecting, a dumping ground of information, a reservoir of rants, raves and the ridiculous. It’s also a sanctuary for the soul, a virtual billboard of life changing content, a safe place for millions and a cornucopia of communication.

Like everything else humans invent, be it a government or an iPhone, how we use a thing determines its worth or lack of it. Neither good nor bad, just a vessel we fill and drain every day, searching for some sort of value, a return on our investment of time and energy.

After pounding out “The Wednesday Rant” weekly for over 18 months without a break, it took something breaking for me to…you know…take a break.

So what broke?

My perspective on life.

I had spent too much time looking at a 17″ computer screen filled with so much vitriol and hate, so much negativity and sarcasm, so many tug-of-wars that never end and the erosion of the incredible gift we all have been given, a gift that has a shelf life and an unknown expiration date.

I had become a human doing and not a human being.

Then it happened.

One morning as the sun was coming up, I spied a tiny, armored “Armadillidiidae” aka a “Roly Poly Bug” making its way across the concrete sidewalk. and upon further inspection of the little tank, I noticed it seem to be on a mission of sorts, lumping along in search of a hiding place. I watched it go under the plastic garbage can in the yard and out of curiosity I lifted up the can only to find a sizeable population of the bugs all milling about, bumping into each other, getting rolled in and out of the way, connecting and reconnecting.

You know, kind of like Facebook.

For some reason the bugs also reminded me of “Beetlejuice” when he grabbed a handful and took a swallow and then picked his teeth.

But I digress.

I took it as a sign from the insect world that enough time had passed and throwing in my six cents worth once a week might not always change the world for the better, but if I looked at it a certain way, would keep me from letting the world change me for the worse.

Writing “The Wednesday Rant” is my way of contributing to the cause of higher ground, the concept that we can find something within ourselves that is worth redeeming and bring that forth as a way to pay rent for the space we take up on the planet.

Or we can just argue.

Once again I was reminded that life is too short, too unpredictable and too uncertain to major in minor things.

Be well



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