Truth Be Told.

August 30, 2017 | Posted in:General

The Wednesday Rant.

I have written perhaps 125 of these weekly forays attempting to make sense of the senseless, the unending search for some strand of truth buried in an endless desert of diversions that has me digging like Fido in search of a long-buried bone, hoping it’s worth the effort.

Most of the times it’s not.

I simply cannot stem the tide of misinformation, that has become a national pastime in regards to life on planet earth as it pertains to the human condition which is always in flux, depending on the headlines.

I used to think that it was just a bunch of nitwits that had nothing better to do while living in their mom’s basement, unable to adapt to the rigors of society and lashed out via the electronic umbilical cord, gas lighting anything and everything, giving them a false sense of power as they hid behind their joysticks, PC’s and firewalls.

But its more complicated, organized and orchestrated than I realized.

Truth as defined by Daniel Webster is “ the body of real things, events, and facts.” Well we know now that facts don’t mean a helluva lot anymore so toss that out. Events? Easily skewed as we once again witness in the Houston flood of 2017, be it the multimillionaire preacher who either did or didn’t open his doors the right way or the now famous case of water at Best Buy in Houston that was listed for $42.96 because some member of the Geek Squad charged per bottle price by mistake. Best Buy of course doesn’t really sell water and were trying to help the effort. While they fixed the mistake, it only took seconds for them to be condemned to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for their error by some customer with a cell phone who took a picture.

There is zero slack anymore.

But what about that part of the definition of “real things?”

Therein we find the crux of the matter according to this reporter’s observations.

We have long ago lost our ability to discern what is…or is not…reality.

You could blame it on the actors & writers’ strike of 2007 that had networks scrambling to produce shows without having to pay serious coin, and since the success of “Survivor” was already evident, a slew of produced reality flowed forth like a virtual cesspool of silly and abhorrent human behavior that was gobbled up, ensuring more of the same.

It all looked so real and far better than real life.

But even before all of that, television and movies always portrayed life far more glorious and exciting than it really is, and our minds took the download without much push back and pretty soon what made headlines on the evening news eventually became a “Movie of The Week” or Emmy Award winning episode of “CSI.”

Last year “Marky Mark” starred in a movie recreation of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The movie version was far better than the real life environmental disaster of course.

So “the truth” as it were being of course different for each of us, depending on what belief strainer we put it through. Which makes it harder and harder to find common ground.

Then it kind of dawned on me watching “A Few Good Men” last week that perhaps the DNA of Denial is in fact a safety valve of sorts, a way to divert something that is factual and proven, but just too much to handle for some people, because it would challenge their belief systems way too much, threatening their very existence.

A week ago, today, millions of humans took time out to fork over a few bucks for glasses and stare up into the sky as a total eclipse took place, something that has been going on for…uh…about 500 years give or take, with a total of eight full solar eclipses verified by NASA records.

When the first one happened it scared the shit outta people who thought the world was coming to an end. The ancient Greeks wrote that “ the sun has perished out of heaven and an evil mist has spread over the world.” The Chinese thought that a dragon had consumed the sun and the Mayan’s…well…you might get sacrificed in order to bring back the sun to full view.

None of those of course were true, but it didn’t matter to those who believed. Without any science to back up the phenomenon, they made up their own meanings.

Not much has changed, humans still make up meanings for what they fear. Didn’t take long for the whack-jobs to announce that Houston is being punished because they have a gay mayor, totally skipping over the fact that there is so much concrete in Houston, they basically built a swimming pool for a hurricane of this magnitude and that Houston is under siege from what climate scientists have deemed a “1,000-year flood” based on years of data.

The very same day Houston was hit, on the other side of the planet, South Asia is underwater from a monsoon with 1,200 dead and 41 million have been displaced from their homes across northern India, Nepal and northern Bangladesh, the likes of which hasn’t been experienced in decades.

But there has been little if any mention of their suffering and loss. There has been more media coverage of the First Lady’s high heels than relief efforts in another part of the world.

Always amazing to me that it takes some sort of catastrophe that affects the whole of humanity including but not limited to whites, blacks, reds, yellows, browns, gays, straights, democrats, republicans, independents, men, women, children, dogs, cats, birds, wealthy, poor, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Atheists (if I left out your particular religion forgive me and you atheists can just nod & wink) and forces us to push aside our differences to rescue each other…or be rescued by someone totally different than us.

Then once some semblance of order is restored, we go back to knocking the philosophical crap out of each other.

As I watched the movie, I knew the truth, that Nicholson was never really a colonel in the Marines, but it is true he was paid $5 million to deliver his lines which according to Mad Jack was “money well spent.”

Either way it’s reminder that if we don’t “handle the truth” it will eventually handle us. We are always forced to confront that which we avoid, and the compound interest from our inability to deal with what is in front of us, always comes at a very high cost.

But if our history holds true, by this time next week, it will be something else that is in the headlines and our short attention spans will have mostly forgotten the upheaval.

It’s been said that “the truth will set you free.”

But in order to be set free, you first have to face what you fear, and right now in Houston, fears have been replaced with faith in our fellow humans.

For the time being.

Be well


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