The Wednesday Rant

September 20, 2017 | Posted in General

Opting out of The Wednesday Rant in favor of “Hump Day Happy Birthday!” to my daughter Amanda Lee. I suppose I could just leave it at that but so much runs through my mind every September 20th since 1988 that I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and share some of the lessons my daughter has taught me.


She laughs in a way that I have forgotten to at times. Still wide-eyed and open to the magic of life, she has taught me to keep that kid inside me alive and protected at all costs.


Her drive is ferocious, her tenacity is formidable, and yet she still maintains an eye for beautify, form and space in her professional world that is so very fast paced. We can talk for an hour about work ethic, business moves and the great challenge of relationships, and then she’ll go sit near the water to let it all soak in. There is a balance there, an understanding and need to keep the bubble in the middle of the level of life.
The Ripple Effect.
Her passion for life, all the ups and downs, nuances and “roads less traveled” become more and more evident as time goes on. At some point the teacher becomes the student again and while she has told me many times that “I got tired of all that inspirational stuff you said growing up” the seeds were planted anyway, and continue to grow. Now at least once a week she reminds me of something I said ten years ago, and needed to hear again.
She has been fearless in the face of major healthy challenges as we just celebrated her “second birthday” on July 18 as she is now 15 years post kidney transplant. We have discovered and agree that I didn’t “donate” a kidney to her…we simply fulfilled a spiritual contract on some unseen level. I was speaking in Michigan yesterday and after the event a man came up to me in tears and shared that it had been 16 years to the day when his daughter who is Amanda’s age gave him one of her kidneys that saved his life. Book signing had to wait while we hugged in understanding of what that is really all about…the true gift of life.
The greatest lesson my daughter has taught me about is love. The many forms of love, the unconditional love that is essential to taking the edges of life, and most importantly self-love, the acceptance of both our faults and greatness, the willingness to improve and move forward all in the name of the energy of love. No matter what the cost.
The tradition on a birthday is to give gifts, but I am on the receiving end, even while celebrating her day. Love you to the moon and back girl.
Happy Birthday.

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