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December 31, 2017 | Posted in General


After five years of “Notes From The North” with “The Wednesday Rant” and “The Saturday Morning Memo” thrown in for good measure, I’ve decided that it’s time to let this space go.

I’ve always come to this blog page to clear my mind and heart, strengthen my spirit and try to make sense of the senseless, and it has been a great blank canvas to exercise my thoughts and ideas to 500 people at the click of a button.

However, outside of the occasional response, most of what I toss out into the virtual landfill of the internet goes unanswered, a casualty I would guess of the barrage of email that humans bend under every day, and while I enjoying hitting the “publish” button, unsocial media practices have taken a bit of a toll on me and in the coming year I am adamant that my time is well spent, and without expectations of any kind.

In addition, most likely my website will follow suit, its a repository for information but little else and keeping in line with other things, best I fold that up and consolidate. I will maintain a FB page, will blog on occasion there if you want to stay in touch with me.

I cannot thank you enough for the great questions, comments, queries and quotes that have been part of this 60 month exercise.

As my friend the late, great John R. Powers said…”There is a first and a last time for everything.”

Best to you in the coming year.

Be well…safe travels…and thank you.





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