The Wednesday Rant.

December 20, 2017 | Posted in:General

There was a time when truth mattered, when the mere hint of the stain of deception, lies and diversion that would affect the American people in some adverse way was uncovered and pulled into the light of day from the dark corners of collusion both foreign and domestic.

Never really sure what rubs my rhubarb more, the career politicians that feed at the government trough for decades while insisting they have “our best interests at heart” while they feather their nest with serious cabbage, or the voters who choose to remain uninformed and led by the nose as they hope beyond hope that their own special interests will be confirmed, no matter the cost.

As millions engage for the umpteenth time about “The War on Christmas” a totally fabricated, diversion where no one dies but the gap between us broadens and the predictable, ongoing tug-of-war over which is more patriotic “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” thus ensuring that we don’t spend time thinking but instead reacting, seals our own fate from within.

Like a twisted domestic violence relationship where someone is being abused over and over again but insists that the pounding, the pain and the wounds aren’t really that bad and they “really don’t mean to hurt me” blindness and denial is exactly what the perpetrator counts on to continue.

It hurts, but not enough to make a change, and the very people that get hurt the most, always seem to think on some level they deserve it.

Its times like this I miss the radio microphone the most, so I defer to my esteemed colleague from CBS.

Be well.

Edward R. Murrow, Correspondent for CBS

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