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article4_200x312About John St. Augustine

In 2007 The Visionary Project (UK) compiles an international list of 500 people that have been deemed “visionaries” in the arts, sciences, politics and other areas of human achievement. The list includes names such as President Jimmy Carter, Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and….John St.Augustine for using his voice on radio for positive change.. While St.Augustine is proud of his many mediaawards and accolades, he cites his2002 kidney donation to his daughter Amanda as his greatest achievement. “Its not often you have the opportunity to give your child life twice.” John’s second book “Every MomentMatters” is released in 2010 and hits best seller status. John is also featured in the books “Visionaries,” “You’ve Got to Read This Book,” “Three Feet From Gold and contributed to the Chicken Soup Series, “Father and Daughter Soul” and “Golfer’s Soul.”

Since 2010 John has hosted shows on Overnight America, The Martha Stewart Channel and WGN Radio in Chicago.

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To book John for a speaking engagement, keynote or LifeWorks! Seminar or to inquire about availability, fees or media, contact John.


Living An Uncommon Life

A common existence is within reach but what does it take to “live an uncommon life?” Based on John’s best selling book, Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 21 Extraordinary People, John distills 21 traits that everyone has but few people use. He’s designed a building block approach to creating a life based on not what happens to us but rather what we make happen based on our response. John uses examples from his own life and connections with some of the top achievers and best loved performers of our time to underscore that simple themes can yield a ripple effect that might not change the world but will change your part of it.

Life Matters

Looking for a catalyst for positive personal, professional and educational change? Life Matters covers the spectrum of challenges that humans face and solutions that can be brought forth by using internal and external communication to foster personal growth. This presentation builds on the personal communication model and incorporates the results into creating efficiency and productivity in the work place. Life Matters is a three tiered approach creates a blueprint for increased accountability, responsibility, and sustainability.

The Yellow Brick Road

What can a cast of characters from a book and movie teach you about making your way through the maze of life in the 21st century? Each of us are on path, personally or professionally, that is filled with twists and turns, speed bumps, and dead ends. At some point we are thrust into the tornados of life and find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and its then that our true gifts can be revealed and recognized. Persistence, smarts, hearts, courage, and trust are often eroded away during the journey to your own personal “Land of Oz” but after this incredible presentation you will know exactly where home is…and how to get there.

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John on “The Voice of Chicago” WGN Radio

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Guest : Dr. Kelly Johnson

Guest : Jean Chatzky

Guest : Dr. Mehmet Oz

Guest : Bill Kurtis