Notes From The North

product_thumbnail“Notes from the North” is a compilation of insights on life, liberty, and the pursuit of uncommon sense from talk radio personality John St. Augustine’s popular blog


Every Moment Matters

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In his latest, self-help author St. Augustine (Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 12 Extraordinary People) examines the individual instances that have meant much to him, encouraging readers to do the same for themselves: “while the journey has been one of discipline and self-examination my life (and I suspect yours, too) is filled with moments that… taught me something, made me stop alive in my tracks, had me catch my breath.” These moments are universal but predictable; one of St. Augustine’s first examples is the death of his beloved dog Jake, a time of deep sadness that nevertheless made him realize the value of the companionship, unconditional love, fun, and adventure his pet provided. Another section finds him recalling a decades-old Colorado hiking trip with his friend David, on which he learned that “there is more than one way to reach the top, that it’s good to have a buddy along for support, and that those who have gone before you often … make the climb a bit more manageable.” Though his ruminations tend top be wordy (bordering on mundane self-absorption), St. Augustine makes an eager guide to the importance of reflection and mindfulness.

Every Moment Matters is a profound book by one of the most insightful and inspiring authors I know.It had me laughing, thinking and nodding my head in agreement with John’s wit and wisdom.”
Cheryl Richardson - NY Times best selling

Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 21 Extraordinary People

johnamazon-buttonAt the lowest point in his life, living in a motel room with his wife and two children, John St.Augustine undertook a journey of a thousand miles, walking from northern Michigan to Chicago—and back—a journey that became one of discovery, and a chance for St. Augustine to reinvent himself.

It was on this walk that the inspiration was born for a radio show that would be a positive voice in a world saturated by cynicism. Upon his return, despite having no prior radio experience, a local station gave him a chance: one hour a week for five weeks . . . .

Ten years and 5,000 guests later St.Augustine is living his dream, and, like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People®, Living an Uncommon Life offers a roadmap for reaching your own dreams.

St.Augustine discovered a pattern in the lives of the exceptional personalities with whom he has crossed paths including Oprah Winfrey, John Denver, Walter Payton, Wayne Dyer and others. Each of them refused to let negative circumstances dictate their life. Instead they found the inner strength to achieve great things. St.Augustine insists we all share these remarkable traits and in Living an Uncommon Life he offers powerful principles for unlocking your strengths and achieving your personal best.

Living An Uncommon Life-what a book. It is bold – it respects its reader and doesn’t try and sell them on shortcuts to achieve success. I’ve never written an Amazon review before but I must say this is a must, must read.”
David K. – Washington D.C.