The TBT/Rant.

May 18, 2017 | Posted in General

Combining yesterday’s rant with today’s TBT.

Wednesday I started writing about the Chicago Cubs and how they suck.

Stay with me now…don’t throw things.

Here in Chicago the sports talk yakkers and blabber mouths were in full meltdown because the defending World Series Champs were playing .500 baseball (before last night they racked up a W at home against the Reds for two in a row.) I shouldn’t be amazed anymore at how fans of any sport react once they have tasted victory-and after 108 years once is not enough. A bunch of sporties on the radio who couldn’t hit a curve ball if it was served on a platter passing judgement on guys who have one of the most difficult things to do in sports. Find the “sweet spot” on a round bat when hitting a round ball.

It’s May 18th by my calendar and at this time in 2016 the Cubs were like 26-5 and knocking the cover off, but that was last season, and forgotten by most is what it takes to get to the World Series, how long the season is and the basically baseball is a game of failure.

It’s why I like it so much.

You can strike out four times in a row and on the fifth at bat clobber a grand slam and go from zero to hero.

That’s where the rant ends and TBT begins.

Playing in Randy Hundley’s Fantasy Camp back when I was…33 years old…I had already wiffed four times and when I came up to the plate, hit a 90 mile an hour fast ball into the seats with the bases loaded.

I thought I had lost this picture but found it yesterday as a book mark inside “Instant Replay The Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer.”

The late, great Gene Oliver (back up catcher to Hundley) was the coach for our team at the Fantasy Camp and was waiting for me at home and the photographer captured the moment.

I needed the reminder that sometimes in life you can strike out over and over and over and over again…but then…

It might be…it could be…it is!”

Keep swinging…

The Cubs do not suck…it’s just baseball.

TBT 1993.



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