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    Dr. Mehmet Oz

    “John is a formidable presence in the world who has a gift. He sees things that most of us miss, the sacred spaces that are hidden in the ordinary events of life and the lessons contained in those events that make life more vibrant and worth living.”

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    John Denver

    “I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your talk about The Human Family was the turning point of the symposium”

Latest News From the Blog

January 21, 2017

Conversations with Weigel Event-!

Thrilled. If you are in the greater Chicagoland area…it’s going to be an incredible evening. Seating is limited. “ONE NIGHT ONLY!”…Always wanted to say that. Conversations With Weigel A Series Exploring Spiritual Enlightenment The Wilmette Theatre has partnered with longtime Chicago journalist and author Jenniffer Weigel for a program called “Conversations With Weigel: A Series Exploring Spiritual Enlightenment.” This is an ongoing program in which Weigel brings in special guests to explore all avenues related to spiritual enlightenment. Jenniffer Weigel has… Read More →

January 18, 2017

The Wednesday Rant.

The Wednesday Rant…Vidblog Edition. At the top of the news this morning are polls that show Donald Trump’s approval rating is the lowest of any incoming POTUS in decades. According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, Trump will take office as the least popular incoming president in at least four decades. And not by a little. Ronald Reagan previously held the least-popular title, and Trump trails Reagan’s favorability levels by nearly 20 points. The same poll shows that approval… Read More →

January 16, 2017

A Season Of Peace

20 years ago I went on a trip to Arkansas with a few good friends, including Duane Kinnart, Dan Creely,  Bruce Hardwick and our late brother Jim Gillihan.  It was quite a journey to say the least. Many great memories from that adventure including Duane, Bruce and I sleeping in a two man tent, and being greeted in the morning by an armadillo and the night it rained so hard our tent ended up about three feet out in the… Read More →